Virtual Patching

Whether it be due to poorly written applications, obsolete solutions or new hacking methodologies, almost all products will need to be updated with patches for performance or security.  Even with WSUS or other patching solutions, most organizations still take 30 days to patch standard operating systems and applications.  Complex business applications can take months or years to patch, leaving them vulnerable to exploit and compromise.  Virtual patching solutions seek to block the exploit and while waiting on vendors to release patches or company procedures to disseminate those patches.  Protect you endpoints and servers by utilizing Trend Micro's integrated virtual patching solution to ensure your protected from vulnerabilities.

Trend Micro has helped ease the pain of patch Tuesday. Now you can ease the transition of patching by utilizing Trend Micro's virtual patching for endpoints and servers. Within hours of patches being announced Trend Micro will put a layer of virtual patches in place to block the exploit's until you have tested and installed the actual patch from your vendor.

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