Endpoint and Device Control

Endpoint Security – Is not a commodity. Protecting today’s endpoints is just as important as it was 20 years ago and maybe more so. Don’t just throw anyone’s antivirus solution on your endpoint, choose the solution that goes above and beyond just antivirus. Unico Technology provides the latest in endpoint protection including the ability to protect users from going to malicious or infected web sites and providing virtual patching at the desktop level. Don’t trust people who say antivirus solutions are all the same. Dig deeper and you will discover the differences quickly.

The explosive growth of devices has created new management challenges. How do you take advantage of business transformations like mobility, BYOD and cloud without sacrificing security or overburdening IT staff? BlueCat connects the device by automating on-boarding and providing real-time insight into all network connections. With BlueCat, you can centrally manage all devices and service connections, while ensuring that DNS and DHCP core network services are always on and available.

Endpoint security and data protection is a critical priority as concern over cyberattacks grow. Palo Alto Network's data protection and endpoint security technology detects new malware on the corporate network that includes suspicious files and SSL originating from USB or the endpoint devices. Implement Palo Alto Network's advanced data protection and endpoint security solutions to keep the users safe (branch offices, Internet gateways, mobile users) and the services (virtualized desktops, datacenters, websites).

Symantec Endpoint Protection goes beyond antivirus to deliver faster, more advanced protection against today's sophisticated and targeted attacks. Protection layers include firewall, intrusion prevention and anti-virus in addition to Insight and SONAR. Symantec's unique Insight reputation technology facilitates faster scan times, while SONAR delivers powerful protection against zero-day attacks by monitoring file behavior. This industry leading solution features a single high-powered agent with advanced management capabilities and support for multiple operating systems.

Trend Micro gives you the ultimate flexibility to deploy your endpoint security on premise, in the cloud, or using a combination of both. Most important, Trend Micro lets you manage users across threat vectors and deployment models from a single console, giving you complete visibility into the security of your environment. Gartner named Trend Micro a leader for the 13th year, offering industry-leading anti-malware and threat protection, including virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), integrated data loss prevention (DLP), and security for Mac, full encryption for your data on desktops, laptops, files, folders and removable media such as CDs, DVDs, and USB drives. Trend Micro allows you to prevent unwanted and unknown applications from executing on your endpoints. Intelligent virtual patching blocks exploits and zero-day threats until you can apply vendor patches to your devices. Gain visibility and control of mobile devices and data with Trend Micro!

  • Bit9

    Bit 9

    Bit9 + Carbon Black provides the industry’s more comprehensive and effective application control by monitoring and recording all activity on the endpoints and servers to detect

  • BlueCat

    BlueCat Networks – is helping connect everything IP in your business. Businesses can no longer count on spreadsheets to manage their organizations IP addresses. Automation and redundancy are

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    Fortinet is a leader in network security and UTM (Unified Threat Management).  FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls offer cost effective solutions for needs of all sizes.  Fortinets’s

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    Palo Alto Networks – is a leader in next generation Firewalls and has been disrupting the traditional guard since it's inception. Palo Alto has continued to lead while others

  • Symantec

    One of the foremost names in computer security, Symantec offers a wide array of products for both the consumer and enterprise. Symantec is a familiar name in anti-virus and endpoint protection.

  • Trend Micro

    Trend Micro is revolutionizing the way traditional AV companies protect the endpoint. With hackers, malware and advanced persistent threats hitting your network every second, it is no longer safe


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