Data Center and Cloud Security

Organizations are moving more and more towards virtualization every day.  However, securing virtual servers requires a completely different approach than securing endpoints.  Sadly most vendors approach this by throwing yesterday’s anti-virus solution on.  Trend Micro leads the industry by creating a completely new solution built from the ground up to take advantage of the virtual servers architecture.  As a result they provide agentless AV which saves resources and provides much quicker and deeper protection.  They can help meet compliance requirements for PCI and HIPAA.  They deliver virtual patching, deep packet inspection and firewalls.  Deep Security is today’s solution for today’s threats.

Trend Micro has lead the way in data center and cloud security.  Deep Security can be provisioned at your data center or in the cloud to provide agentless AV, virtual firewalls, file integrity monitoring, virtual patching and deep packet inspection.  Let us show you how we can protect your data center.

  • Beyond Trust

    BeyondTrust provides management of privileges so that you can maintain security with respect to internal users. Insider threats remain as large an issue for companies as those from the outside.

  • Juniper Networks

    Juniper Networks delivers innovation across routing, switching and security. Juniper believes the network is the single greatest vehicle for knowledge, understanding, and

  • Trend Micro

    Trend Micro is revolutionizing the way traditional AV companies protect the endpoint. With hackers, malware and advanced persistent threats hitting your network every second, it is no longer safe


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