Compliance (PCI, HIPAA)

Businesses are under increasing audit and compliance requirements.  Adherence to industry standards must be verifiable.  Next Generation solutions from Unico Technology help you implement and enforce compliance requirements.   Specific reporting to meet regulatory requirements is readily available or you can create custom reports to meet your unique needs.  When compromises or breaches occur, as they occasionally will, Unico Technology has solutions that provide you with forensic analysis of the event in a format that can be shared with executive management, auditing bodies or law enforcement authorities.

LogRhythm provides a enterprise class SIEM solution to help organizations meet compliance requirements. Let LogRhythm's SIEM technology help you wade through the noise with automation to identify what's truly important from a security warning perspective.

Trend Micro can help you meet compliance standards through various solutions like DLP, Encryption and Deep Security. If you have to meet requirements such as PCI and HIPAA then you need to look closely at Trend Micro.

  • Beyond Trust

    BeyondTrust provides management of privileges so that you can maintain security with respect to internal users. Insider threats remain as large an

  • LogRhythm

    Your network is sophisticated and so are the threats attacking it. Attacks are often formed across multiple machines and disguised to prevent

  • Symantec

    One of the foremost names in computer security, Symantec offers a wide array of products for both the consumer and enterprise. Symantec is a

  • Trend Micro

    Trend Micro is revolutionizing the way traditional AV companies protect the endpoint. With hackers, malware and advanced persistent threats hitting


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