Application Visibility

In today's world the best way to protect your data center is to understand what applications and potential threats are running through it. In order to do so, you need visibility. Unico Technology has put together a team of vendors that base their solutions on application visibility. From Firewalls to Wireless to WAN Optimization you can make better decisions with visibility.

Put the power of application visibility to work in your wireless network. Today's providers need to identify applications to help you protect your network and Aerohive is no different. They can identify the applications by name running across your wireless network.

Exinda also puts the power of application visibility in your hands with their WAN Optimization solutions. Now you can identify your applications, decide how much bandwidth to assign and optimize that traffic as well. Get back network bandwidth with Exinda.

Palo Alto Networks turned the market upside down when they introduced application visibility in their line of Firewalls. They changed what customers expect out of their solutions and Unico Technology is proud to offer a line of solutions with application visibility as a central requirement. See why we are excited to offer Palo Alto Network's solutions.

  • Exinda

    Wide Area Networks and Cloud Technologies are bandwidth hungry, with new applications seeking to overwhelm your data pipes. Even large pipes can

  • Palo Alto

    Palo Alto Networks – is a leader in next generation Firewalls and has been disrupting the traditional guard since it's inception.


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