Arista Networks

Arista Networks is a leader in building scalable, high-performance and ultra-low latency cloud networks with low power consumption and a small footprint for modern data center and cloud computing environments. Purpose-built hardware with Arista 7000 family and Arista EOS, maximize system uptime, stateful fault repair, Advanced Event Management, Zero Touch Provisioning, latency analysis and a fully accessible Linux shell. Arista's Ethernet switching solutions include native support for VMware, network-virtualization and hundreds of applications. Arista's hardware platforms are designed to meet the stringent power and cooling requirements of today's most demanding data centers, proven advantages already in use in many of the largest cloud data centers around the world.


Aruba Networks

Mobile, IoT, and cloud are disrupting traditional businesses and declaring new winners. Aruba Networks is building smarter networks that are insightful and predictable to accelerate the transition. Infrastructure services are offered as software from the public or private cloud, enabling secure connectivity for mobile and IoT - under one roof.

Aruba's Software Defined Branch solution simplifies network management and policy enforcement across not just hundreds, but thousands of sites - while enhancing user experiences across the wireless, wired, and wide area networks.

With Aruba AirWave and Aruba's portfolio of managed access points and switches, visibility and control is not only possible, it's simple. And by leveraging application usage data, IT has the ability to define bandwidth and QoS policies per application and user role. Connectivity analytics even help IT managers understand why people may not be getting the network access that they're expecting. The great part about AirWave is that IT can manage corporate and distributed wireless and wired environments.


Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks, Inc. offers industry-leading solutions designed to solve mainstream IT problems - efficiently and cost effectively - while maintaining a level of customer support and satisfaction second to none. Barracuda products span three distinct markets, including: 1) content security, 2) networking and application delivery and 3) data storage, protection and disaster recovery.

Barracuda security solutions are designed for distributed networks and can be deployed on-premises, across multiple locations, and in the cloud - without sacrificing functionality or ease of use. All our solutions are managed from a centralized, web-based console.

  • ~ Deploy on premises as plug-and-play appliances or virtual machines

  • ~ Manage multiple locations, remote users, and IoT-connected devices

  • ~ Deploy security applications in the cloud


Carbon Black

Endpoint security is going through a massive transformation. Growing trends in mobility and cloud have made the endpoint the new perimeter. New and emerging attacks are beating traditional defenses, and security teams are too reactive and held back by their technologies. The next generation of endpoint security is built to predict and prevent a far greater range of threats than the traditional approach.

Carbon Black is leveraging the power of big data and analytics to solve the challenges surrounding endpoint security. With the Cb Predictive Security Cloud platform, Carbon Black is transforming cybersecurity to deliver a new generation of cloud-delivered security solutions designed to protect against the most advanced threats.

Over the years Carbon Black has become one of the endpoint partners of choice when it comes to integrating and sharing data with SOC automation, incident management, and IT operations solutions. Their vast community of developers shares and actively collaborates on their work, reducing the cost of any organization desiring a more automated, interconnected security stack.

Incident response is about getting answers quickly. To start, you need the details of all endpoint activity available to you at all times. This allows your responders to visualize the attack, see it evolve, and determine the root cause of an infiltration and its intended targets. With complete visibility from Carbon Black, you'll always have conclusive answers to the questions you're asking.



Unico Technology is proud to have partnered with EITS (Enterprise IT Solutions) as a service provider for your security and infrastructure needs. Whether you are dealing with industry compliance regulations or data breach remediation, their team of experienced security professionals can help. EITS helps you proactively identify potential issues within your organizations security posture through a detailed security assessment. Knowledge is power, and when it comes to IT security, knowing is half the battle.



ExtraHop began with a bold vision: transform the scale and complexity of modern IT into a powerful source of intelligence for business operations. Today, ExtraHop is now the leader in real-time IT Analytics. ExtraHop is built to meet the dynamic needs and scale of the modern hybrid enterprise, from Core to Edge to Cloud. Our platform transforms the network into the most comprehensive, objective source of security and IT visibility while providing the rich data set - wire data - that keeps our machine learning focused, precise, and uniquely reliable.

Modern security programs need a new source of insight, one that provides empirical evidence to help analysts rapidly triage, investigate, and remediate high risk threats. ExtraHop Reveal(x) is a network traffic analysis solution that provides crucial threat intelligence, ML, and investigation automation so security teams can act with confidence and speed.

Gartner has recognized ExtraHop as a Visionary in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics, furthest to the right for completeness of vision of any vendor for the second year in a row. We believe this reflects their commitment to innovating far beyond the NPMD space!



A pioneer in the agentless approach to network security, ForeScout addresses the explosive growth of mobile computing, IoT and cloud computing. ForeScout offers a highly scalable, heterogeneous platform that provides enterprises and government agencies with agentless visibility and control of traditional and non-traditional devices, including physical and virtual infrastructure, PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and the latest IoT devices, the instant they connect to the network. ForeScout technology continuously assesses, remediates and monitors devices and works with disparate security tools to help accelerate incident response, break down silos, automate workflows and optimize existing investments.

ForeScout provides the unique ability to see devices, including non-traditional devices, the instant they connect to the network and enforce policy-based control of these devices. Once you can see and control, ForeScout can orchestrate information sharing and automate workflows among disparate security and IT management tools.



KnowBe4 is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and the fastest-growing vendor in the security awareness training and simulated phishing space. They help you manage the ongoing problem of social engineering. The KnowBe4 platform is user-friendly and intuitive. It was built to scale for busy IT pros that have 16 other fires to put out. Their goal is to provide the most powerful, yet easy-to-use platform available.

KnowBe4's Enterprise Awareness Training Program provides you with a comprehensive new- school approach that integrates baseline testing using mock attacks, engaging interactive web-based training, and continuous assessment through simulated phishing, vishing and smishing attacks to build a more resilient and secure organization.

Different size organizations cope with different problems, but all have employees as the weak link in their IT security. The challenges of creating and running an awareness program vary depending on the amount of employees. Customers of all sizes can get the KnowBe4 platform deployed into production twice as fast as competitors. The Customer Success team gets you going in no time, without the need for consulting hours.

Be sure to test your users and your network with KnowBe4's free IT Security tools which help you to identify the problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks!



IT Asset Management Software That Finds & Manages All Assets Across Your Enterprise. The Lansweeper Deepscan engine discovers any asset in your network. Simply point it in the right direction and over 15 years of development will take it from there. There's no environment or asset Lansweeper can't handle.

Managing IT has never been a bigger challenge. Hardware, software, and users can be anywhere at any time, making IT environments extremely dynamic and often complex. A seemingly simple question has become terribly difficult to answer: 'Who is using what?' This question inspired Lansweeper and still drives us today. We believe that answering it is crucial to tackle and simplify many of the challenges IT professionals face every day.

Consider Lansweeper your single source of truth on hardware, software, and users. Rely on a complete & up-to-date overview to spearhead and support all network-related tasks, projects, and decisions. Answer questions no one can and be on top of your IT.



To be truly effective, your security information and event management (SIEM) solution must deliver far more than just gathering log data and surfacing alarms. It must give your team actionable insights from advanced analytics, data forensics, and incident response capabilities. These features will determine your team's ability to detect and respond to cyberthreats.

LogRhythm, a leader in NextGen SIEM, empowers organizations on six continents to measurably reduce risk by rapidly detecting, responding to and neutralizing cyberthreats. LogRhythm's Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM) workflow is the foundation for security operations centers, helping customers secure their cloud, physical, and virtual infrastructures for IT and OT environments.

A SIEM is an important instrument in your security toolkit-but it's not the only one. To keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape, you may need a SIEM with additional capabilities for network forensics, endpoint monitoring, UEBA, and incident response. LogRhythm's unified Threat Lifecycle Management Platform is designed to scale with your organization's security needs without costly integrations or customizations. It delivers real-time visibility, intelligence, and automation across your entire IT environment.


Nimble Storage

When apps slow down, you've hit the app-data gap. HPE Nimble Storage leverages flash storage and predictive analytics to eliminate the gap and guarantee 99.9999% availability1, delivering the best all-flash capacity per TB in the industry - and future-proofing design for value today and tomorrow.

Struggling to find the perfect combination of flash storage and predictive analytics?

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays combine a flash-efficient architecture with HPE InfoSight predictive analytics to achieve fast, reliable access to data and 99.9999% guaranteed availability.1 Radically simple to deploy and use, the arrays are cloud-ready, providing data mobility to the cloud through HPE Cloud Volumes. Your storage investment made today will support you well into the future, thanks to our technology and business-model innovations. HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays include all-inclusive licensing, easy upgrades, and flexible payment options - while also being future-proofed for new technologies, such as NVMe and SCM.

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays automatically predict and resolve 86% of problems before you even know there is an issue. Nimble Storage transforms the support experience through cloud-based predictive analytics and Level 3-only support. It provides a holistic view across the infrastructure stack to resolve problems beyond just storage. It simplifies planning with prescriptive forecasts into capacity, performance, and bandwidth requirements. Nimble makes infrastructure smarter and more reliable by learning from the installed base.

The All Flash Arrays scale-to-fit. They scale-up performance and capacity independently and non-disruptively; and scale out to four arrays managed as one for increased flexibility.

Reliable? All Flash Arrays have 99.9999% guaranteed availability.



Nutanix makes infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform blends web-scale engineering and consumer-grade design to natively converge server, storage, virtualization and networking into a resilient, software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence.

The growing demands of enterprise applications and the fast pace of modern business threaten to put legacy IT design - with separate storage, storage networks and servers - at risk of failure. The silos created by traditional datacenter infrastructure often present barriers to change and progress, adding complexity to every step from ordering to deployment to management.

Hyperconverged infrastructure streamlines the deployment, management and scaling of datacenter resources by combining x86-based server and storage resources with intelligent software in a turnkey software-defined solution. Separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays can be replaced with a single hyperconverged solution to create an agile datacenter that easily scales with your business.

With Nutanix, IT teams can build and operate powerful multi-cloud architectures. Enterprise Cloud OS software melds private, public and distributed cloud operating environments and provides a single point of control to manage IT infrastructure and applications at any scale. Nutanix software runs across different cloud environments to harmonize IT operations and bring frictionless mobility to all applications.

Consumer-grade management of datacenter infrastructure and applications eliminates the need for specialized IT teams, and advanced machine learning technology reduces complex tasks to a single click. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS delivers the simplicity and agility of popular public cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), but with the security and control that you need in a private cloud.



Your people do business well beyond the bounds of traditional network perimeters and connected endpoints. Email, social media, and mobile devices are the new tools of the trade-and for cyber criminals, the new tools of attack. Proofpoint is an email protection system that blocks spam, phishing, and viruses from reaching your inbox.

Proofpoint protects your people, data and brand against advanced threats and compliance risks. Built on the cloud and the world's most advanced intelligence platform, Proofpoint solutions help you effectively detect and block targeted attacks and respond quickly to suspected compromises.

Moving to Office365?

More than 90% of targeted attacks start with email, and these threats are always evolving. Your security for Office 365 email must keep up. Protect against malware and non-malware threats with industry leading efficacy. Prevent impostor email threats with dynamic classification. Preemptively identify and sandbox suspicious URLs and attachments. Accurately classify bulk graymail.

See instantly who the attacker is, what techniques they're using, and who they're targeting. Detect and respond quickly to threats with security orchestration. Auto-pull threats from mailboxes, contain incidents, and confirm infections. Integrate with your security ecosystem for stronger protection and faster ROI.

Office 365 email downtime is more than a nuisance-it can lead to new security risks as users turn to personal email to stay productive. Gain instant protection with email continuity. You get automatic failover and recovery. Users stay connected to email via Outlook integration, a web portal, or native mobile support.



At a time when organizations are challenged as never before to secure the digital infrastructure at the heart of their operations, you need a unified technology foundation for security that transcends disparate point solutions. You need a utility model that delivers enterprise security on demand. With it, you need a presentation layer that enables you to see threats in a more intuitive and fine-grained manner.

You need the agility to scale, the freedom to hunt, and the ability to pool your knowledge to provide better security for all. To succeed, you need a model to address complex threats the way they actually execute: over time, not just in the present or immediate past.

Today, this new model has a name. ProtectWise.

The security paradigm has shifted, and ProtectWise are enabling the shift. Endlessly inspired and relentlessly disciplined, we will work to fulfill its promise of a digital infrastructure that is secure from the core to the farthest endpoint.

ProtectWise is changing the way humans interact with security with one of the largest security data sets ever created and analyzed. It captures traffic - flows, metadata and packets - analyzes it in real time, retains it indefinitely, and visualizes it for immediate and effective detection and forensics. The ProtectWise Grid creates an unlimited retention window with full-fidelity forensics which can be captured from everywhere in the enterprise, including on-premises, cloud and industrial environments. Now your team can hunt and investigate threats through every stage of an attack, regardless of how far back in time it occurred.

Get more from your security ecosystem and put the limits of proprietary solutions behind you. Integrations with The ProtectWise Grid provide deeper context and automated detection-triage-remediation workflows so you can resolve incidents faster.


Tenable Network Security

A decade ago, Tenable pioneered the IT Vulnerability Management market as the creator of Nessus, which is now the world's most widely deployed IT vulnerability assessment solution. Given the rising severity and frequency of cyber attacks which commonly occur due to a lack of basic cyber hygiene, assessing IT devices for issues has never been more important.

But now we're in a new era. Digital transformation has opened up a whole new world of Cloud, DevOps, Mobility and IoT, where everything from containers to conference systems to power grids are now connected devices and part of the new, modern cyber attack surface. An attack surface which is continually expanding and contracting, like a living organism, making it extremely difficult to secure.

Just as Tenable pioneered the IT Vulnerability Management market, they are once again at the forefront of innovation to help organizations of all sizes rethink how they secure the modern digital enterprise as the pioneer of the emerging Cyber Exposure market.

Tenable.io, the world's first Cyber Exposure platform, arms Security with the visibility to see their entire cyber attack surface at all times (from IT to Cloud to IoT to OT) and arms the CISO, C-suite and Board of Directors with the insight to focus on the issues which matter most and make better strategic decisions.

Built on the leading Nessus technology from Tenable, Tenable.io brings clarity to your security and compliance posture through a fresh, asset-based approach that accurately tracks your resources and vulnerabilities, while accommodating dynamic assets like cloud and containers. Tenable.io maximizes visibility and insight and effectively prioritizes your vulnerabilities, while seamlessly integrating into your environment.

Key Benefits
- Eliminates blind spots:

Tenable.io delivers the most comprehensive visibility into traditional and modern assets, such as cloud, mobile, containers and web applications.
- Focuses effort with vulnerability state tracking:

Tenable.io puts the vulnerabilities you care about - those that are new, active or resurfaced - front and center so you can focus your efforts on things that really matter.
- Improves productivity through a streamlined user experience:

With a modern, intuitive user interface and guided in-application messaging, Tenable.io effectively leads you through both common and complex tasks.
- Maximizes value via simplified integrations:

Tenable.io includes pre-built integrations with complementary systems, like password vault, patch management and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.
- Improves ROI with an elastic asset licensing model:

Tenable.io offers a first-to-market asset based licensing model that consumes just a single license unit per asset.


Trend Micro

XGen security is the answer.

Go beyond next-gen with XGen security, a new class of security software that addresses the full range of ever-changing threats-now and in the future. Instead of using separate, siloed security solutions that don't share information, XGen security provides a cross-generational blend of threat defense techniques and a connected threat defense that can protect your organization from unseen threats.

With Solutions for consumers, business and governments, Trend Micro has the scale you need for your security. Trend products protect you from the hypervisor out to the endpoint and off the network. Innovative solutions such as virtual patching, protecting machines from known vulnerabilities while they are waiting on patches to be loaded, make Trend a leader among security solutions are recognized by Gartner, Forrester and NSS Labs.

Trend's innovative solutions for consumers, businesses, and governments provide layered security for data centers, cloud environments, networks, and endpoints. Optimized for leading environments, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, VMware, and more, Trend solutions enable organizations to automate the protection of valuable information from today's threats.

All Trend products work together to seamlessly share threat intelligence and provide a connected threat defense with centralized visibility and investigation, enabling better, faster protection. Trend Micro customers include 45 of the top 50 Fortune Global 500 companies, and 100% of the top 10 global automotive, banking, telecommunications, and petroleum companies.

With almost 6,000 employees in over 50 countries and the world's most advanced global threat intelligence, Trend Micro enables organizations to secure their connected world.



Contextualized threat intelligence is a vital component of any truly proactive security strategy. Relevant insights, updated in real time, and integrated with your existing infrastructure drives faster and more informed security decisions. Recorded Future's unique technology collects and analyzes vast amounts of data to deliver relevant cyber threat insights in real time. Their solution aggregates this rich intelligence with any other threat data sources, empowering security teams to collaborate on analysis and delivering intelligence wherever you need it most, including rapid integration with your existing security solutions. With machine learning, natural language processing, and pattern recognition technology indexing and analyzing more than 350 facts per second, equivalent to 8,774 full-time human analysts.