Security Awareness with KnowBe4


You can build a network with very tight security but it only takes one inattentive employee to allow hackers in and malware to be planted on your machines. Traditionally, organizations have done an annual security briefing to warn employees of the dangers lurking outside the firewall but this briefing is forgotten as soon as the next matter of business runs across their consciousness. To keep security uppermost in employee's minds, a continuous reinforcement solution must be put into place. Such a solution would need to make them think before they click on that strange email or respond to that unusual request, even if from a known source.

KnowBe4's Security Awareness training lets admins phish their own employees and track those that click on suspicious links. Training can be setup automatically through the solution for those employees needing a refresher. Dashboards help admins track their progress in raising security awareness as well as who has taken the online security refresher videos. KnowBe4 is partnered with Kevin Mitnick to create topical and informative training videos that employees can take online. KnowBe4 provides templates for phishing employees that range from the most obvious to the most insidious.

Organziations are finding employees become conscious that IT is testing them and become much more suspicious of strange or unexpected emails.

Jennifer Zelko, IT System Admin for Buffalo Rock says... "KnowBe4’s security awareness training options and phishing test options are relevant, plentiful, and interactive; making learning fun. Our phishing prone percentage reduced 12% in just two quarters, signifying significant improvement in our user’s security knowledge and vigilance. The cloud-based application is very intuitive and programmable to the point it can track, schedule, report, and repeat automatically once configured."

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