Unico Opaque Solutions


Unico Technology is happy to announce our latest partnership with OPAQ Netowrks. Unico and FourV Systems were partners prior to the acquisition of FourV by OPAQ. OPAQ is the premier network security cloud company that delivers security-as-a-service to mid-size enterprise customers. With the OPAQ Cloud, customers get Fortune 100-grade network security and centrally managed and enforced policies through a single interface while optimizing network performance.

Keeping up with managing security products is complex, costly, and unnecessary. With OPAQ, you'll have no products to deploy, test, integrate, and manage. You receive comprehensive security from the OPAQ Cloud and centrally manage and enforce policies through a single interface.

OPAQ's fully integrated security capabilities not only provide perimeter protection, but the Software-Defined Network Segmentation capability also prevents lateral east-west movement and contains compromises if an attack were to hit your internal network.

Your security must keep pace with rapidly evolving threats, regulatory requirements, and business changes. With the OPAQ Cloud you can move on a dime, deploy in minutes, and consistently deliver an exceptional end user experience.

OPAQ offers three flexible products - PRO, ADVANCED, and ENTERPRISE - that align with different midsize enterprise needs.

OPAQ PRO provides 100% visibility and control of the security environment. Automated, centralized security metrics, compliance monitoring and reporting reduces security analyst workload and enables instant response by empowering you with the ability to remotely quarantine compromised systems - all through a single interface.

OPAQ ADVANCED builds on the foundation of OPAQ PRO and enables partners to efficiently control and secure cloud/SaaS access while improving end-user experience. Client traffic is directed through OPAQ's optimized software-defined and encrypted network where user authentication is federated, dual-factor authentication is enforced, and threat detection can be applied to any traffic, including remote access to cloud applications.

OPAQ ENTERPRISE includes all the features of the OPAQ PRO and ADVANCED products, and also delivers a fully-integrated security stack based on best-in-class, enterprise-grade components. This empowers you with comprehensive security-as-a-service. You can simply monitor, manage and enforce policies from a single pane of glass - and requires no hardware or software to license and manage.

Network security-as-a-service, is taking the market by storm. From only 5 percent of large enterprises two years ago, customers that have tapped cloud providers for their security services will number 85 percent by 2020.. This security-from-the-cloud evolution stems from a constantly changing and increasingly complex information security marketplace. Let us help you move to security as a service so you can focus on your core business!