Application Monitoring and Performance

Applications are becoming much more sophisticated and capable in today’s computing environment but that can lead to unnecessary bandwidth or network consumption.   Unico Technology offers multiple solutions available for your LAN or WAN to help you monitor and report on application performance to ensure you are getting the most value for your spend.  Applications can be controlled to ensure business critical needs are met and non-critical, social applications are throttled to reduce their impact on the network.  Students or employees can still get to their personal applications but are unable to overwhelm your network.

Aerohive's deep understanding of applications and services on the network allows administrators to not only view reports on exactly what is happening on the network, but also granularly control exactly what applications are permitted, prioritized, or de-prioritized for access by specific users based on identity, device type, location, and time with the deep packet classification-based application firewall built into HiveOS. Aerohive has pioneered the only self-organizing, cloud-enabled architecture to help IT administrators scale to support the demands the explosion of mobile devices puts on enterprise wireless networks. Through application visibility and control, Aerohive adds the functionality necessary to manage and maintain a next-generation network.

Exinda simplifies the diagnosis and remediation of network problems by combining real time monitoring with pragmatic reporting and analysis. Exinda's actionable reports make problem diagnosis easier, remediation faster and policy creation more intelligent. Network Control Suite monitors the health of your network in real time, so you always have actionable insight into how applications are performing, if users are productive, how network resources are consumed, and if SLAs are being met. You are notified if thresholds are breached and can quickly adjust policy or remediate problems without having to search for network devices, IP addresses and bottlenecks.

Imagine having the ability to analyze real-time traffic and pinpoint network performance degradation. The increased visibility provided by Ixia monitoring and performance solutions enables identification of application problems or issues, as well as isolation to a specific application, location, or user in the network. This capability allows network management teams to measure the network's performance, latency, and user or application activity to proactively monitor and measure end-to-end performance metrics. This lets you identify the location of bottlenecks along the application delivery path without installing software agents on network elements and servers.

Port numbers, protocols, and IP addresses are useful for network devices, but they tell you nothing about what is on your network. Detailed information about the applications, users, and content traversing your network empowers you to quickly determine any risks they pose and quickly respond. Leveraging the rich context provided by Palo Alto Networks firewalls, Palo Alto Networks' visualization, analysis, and reporting tools let you quickly learn more about activity on your network and analyze incidents from a current or comparative perspective.

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