BYOD, the Internet of Everything and #GenMobile are all driving organizations to readdress their approach to wireless access and how people connect to data. Everyone has one or more wireless devices with them at all times and uses those devices to connect to your network. Wireless solutions from Unico Technology allows you to control security and applications on mobile devices while offering your employees, students, customers, vendors and partners a Wi-Fi experience that they have come to expect in today's unplugged world. From the campus to the retail store, Unico Technology offers solutions to help you unplug and cut your operating costs.

The confluence of the "iEverything" mobility explosion, the emergence of Wi-Fi as the primary access layer, the efficiencies of cloud services, and the decentralization of the corporate office through home-shoring, teleworkers, micro-branches and partnering are the trends forcing enterprises to reevaluate their network's access architecture. Aerohive's solutions address these trends and technologies and help to enhance enterprise productivity, while at the same time reduce the cost and complexity of today's networks.

With its Mobility-Defined Networks™, Aruba helps businesses solve some of their biggest mobility challenges and untether possibilities. Aruba automates performance optimization and security actions that used to require IT intervention, so the network engineer can stop being the IT authority and become the IT ally. With Aruba, businesses can rightsized their fixed network infrastructure, save IT time, slash capital and operating costs, and deliver the mobile experience that #GenMobile expects.

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    Aruba Networks is a leader in network mobility solutions and continues to grow within the community. Aruba is one of the first names customers mention when looking to expand or upgrade their


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