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A companies' network infrastructure is a common target for the bad guys to extract information. At Unico Technology, network infrastructure is where we look to improve a company's security position as well as the endpoint, user and information. Even though we are out to improve your network throughput, our solutions are first and foremost security solutions.


  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing has evolved to a secure, reliable solution for organizations needing to reduce the overhead and maintenance required for on premise solutions. Cloud security has tightened such that it is even a solution available to all forms of government work. Moving to the cloud allows organizations to reduce capital spend on solutions that must be viable in three, four, five or more years from purchase. Cloud solutions offer scalability...both up and down, resilience, 24x7 access from anywhere. Solutions run the gamut from a co-location site to moving an organizations entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. Services are available for any level of support that an organization would like to offload to a service provider. Cloud solutions allow organizations to move from a capital expenditure on infrastructure to an operating expense with budgetable costs and an ability to grow as necessary without additional capex purchases. Let Unico Technology help you find the right partner and mix of cloud vs. on premise solutions that are right for you.


  • Unico Is Born

    Unico Technology opened our doors in 2005 with the idea of being different, hence the name Unico which is Italian for unique. I wanted to offer software and services that companies wanted without the sales pressure. I was hoping to build a company that my customers trusted, felt was easy to work with and offered them value. With that model, I took a chance and 13 years later it still works.

  • Focus On Security

    Back then I started with IBM, Microsoft CRM and some services. But I listened to my customers and saw the impact security was playing and I quickly changed into a security solutions company. By focusing on security, I helped my customers protect their data and over the years we found the need to help with the data center infrastructure. My early customers had a lot faith in me and because of them Unico Technology is here today.

  • Security and Infrastructure

    Today Unico Technology is a Security and Infrastructure provider focusing on solutions that are leaders in the industry. We are not afraid to search out and introduce new vendors that will have a real impact for our customers in the future.

  • business relationships

    Unico Technology has always been committed to serving our customers and we invest in relationships for the long term. If we can't help you today, maybe in the future we can.

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Mark Van Atta

Owner, Unico Technology

"As I look to the future I want to thank all of my customers for helping make Unico Technology what it is today."

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